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Meadowbrook Golf Association

The Meadowbrook Golf Association was formed in 1978 and is open to any amateur, may or female, 18 years of age and older. The association plays on Saturdays throughout the year, totaling between 22 to 26 events annually. Currently there are approximately 220 members and each Saturday event will average between 40 to 100 players depending on the time of year and the format of the event. Cost to join the Meadowbrook Golf Association is an annual fee of $45 which includes USGA handicap service.

Within the Association is a 55 and older group that play every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the year. This senior group averages between 28 to 40 players each play day.

2016 Meadowbrook MGA Schedule

2016 MBGA Officers:
President - Milton Coker
Vice President - Aubrey Howard
Treasurer - Dale Godfrey
Secretary - Jerry Lovejoy

2016 Senior MBGA Officers:
President - Ray Standard
Treasurer - Dale Godfrey
Secretary - Jerry Lovejoy

2016 Information and Schedule
Dues, in 2016, will be $45. Twenty dollars will go to the MGA Fund and twenty-five dollars for establishment or renewal of your handicap. Payment for GHIN handicap can be done by credit card, check or cash to the golf course but the MGA portion ($20) must be paid to the MGA with check or cash. Please have dues paid by February 1st to keep your handicap updated. You can sign up for each tournament on e-mail by the close of business the Thursday before each tournament. The entry fee per event is $11, but in some instances the fee may be different. I hope everything is going well and I look forward to a great 2014 golf season!

For further information on events or how to join please contact the staff at Meadowbrook Golf Course at (817) 457-4616.