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Rockwood Park Golf Course Opening Delayed Until 2017

As the result of unseasonable weather conditions during May - August of this year, which forced the delay in grassing of the golf course, it has become necessary to postpone the reopening of Rockwood Park Golf Course until summer 2017. This delay will allow for sufficient turf establishment with the return of warmer temperatures in late spring and early summer in 2017.

The construction project scope included the complete demolition of the 77 year old golf course including existing greens, tees, fairways, irrigation system and cart trails and the installation of new drainage and irrigation systems, cart trails, greens, tees, fairways and sand bunkers. Onsite work began on November 23, 2015. Throughout the project the contractor met all construction milestones including clearing, rough & fine grading and cart trail, drainage and irrigation systems installation. Grassing (both sod and sprigs) was scheduled to commence in May; however due to the unseasonable cool temperatures, grass suppliers could not harvest the grass sprigs for the greens, tees and fairways and sprigging work was force delayed by one month. Grassing began in earnest on June 21. The May temperature delay was exacerbated when the worksite was rendered inaccessible from June 29 through July 14, 2016 due to heavy rainfall in late June and early July. Combined these weather related conditions postponed the grassing process and critical grow-in period during the hotter months of July and August.

Although the grass on the front nine holes is 85%-90% established, the back nine holes are only 55%-60% established. An assessment to open half the course has determined the gain on revenues to expenditures would be marginal. Given the long term investment strategy and sustainability principles upon which this project was undertaken the delay in reopening the entire golf course to allow for a full and heathy grow-in has been determined to be the most prudent course of action.

We are undoubtedly disappointed but excited about the final product for the golfing public to experience next year. In the meantime, the practice range and greens as well as The River’s Edge remain open for practice/play including the Foot Golf course. So come out and visit Rockwood Park Golf Course soon.