Welcome to the Fort Worth Golf Learning Library. 

Here you will find some of the most helpful golf tips found on YouTube.

Click on this photo to learn how to visualize your short game shots.  Tour professional Justin Rose explains how you can easily choose your short game strategy by using your mind to visualize where to hit the ball.  This works with any club you choose to hit around the green.


Click on this photo for the easiest way to learn a basic golf swing.  Simply convert your baseball swing to a golf swing.  It's really this easy to learn to hit a golf ball.




Click on this photo to learn one of the most simple golf drills for new or expierenced golfers.  The Toe Up Toe Up drill immediately allow golfers to get started on the right plane. This is golf instruction 101. Perfect the Toe Up Toe Up technique before going to the range. If you are introducing a new golfer to the sport, demonstrate the Toe Up Toe Up drill and suggest they begin hitting with only a 1/2 swing using the Toe Up Toe Up technique.


Click on this photo to learn how to hit a fade and a draw.  Tour professional Justin Rose explains how you can learn to hit shots that curve during flight.  This is a great skill for golfers that don't hit every shot down the middle of the fairway (all golfers).



Click on this photo to view a great golf swing in slow motion.  Ricky Fowler has a concise swing that can be immulated by new golfers. Many golfers practice in a mirror or in the reflection of a sliding glass door or use their phone or computer to record their swing. Your garage is a great place to copy a tour professionals golf swing. Compare your swing to swing of Ricky Fowler.



Click on this photo for an easy demonstation of many of the rules of golf.  Tour professional Padraig Harrington plays a couple of holes and explains some of the most common rules using easy understand demonstrations of the rules and the options that are availble for each situation. Video produced by the R&A. Thank you for viewing.


Click on this photo for an 11 minute summary of common golf course etiquette. Tour professional Padraig Harrington explains some of the traditions that set the sport of golf apart.  This is a great video for new golfers and a great review for lifelong golfers.  Video produced by the R&A. Thank you for viewing